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Windows and Doors

We provide windows and doors at the Jersey Shore. If your windows need to be replaced, Shore Bet Construction can assess your current windows and make a recommendation for new, more energy-efficient models for your Jersey Shore home.

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Rarely do people dream about new windows and doors, but understand the need when a window or door doesn't close properly, has a draft coming through, or becomes a safety or convenience concern. Maybe you've seen condensation between the glass, or just want to improve the view or create the opportunity for fresh air while simultaneously improving curb appeal.

Shore Bet Construction works with multiple vendors to supply windows and doors to our Jersey Shore customers. We buy Andersen windows and doors through a national network of dealers who can supply support services like measuring and/or warranty work.

Windows Services for Jersey Shore Homes

Once you commit to the idea of new windows for your Jersey Shore home, you will need to decide between new construction windows or replacement windows. You will base your decision on installation time and complexity, overall cost, design flexibility, and energy efficiency. And of course we will help you with your decision.

New Construction Windows

New construction windows for your Jersey Shore home give you design flexibility if you want to change the size and shape of openings, and normally are more energy efficient than replacement windows, as they have a nailing fin that is fixed to the sheathing of the house and sealed over with tape. New construction windows are typically cheaper to purchase, but often more involved to install. Exterior siding/trim needs to be removed along with interior moldings, as the window is installed from the outside and attached to the framework of the house. Closing up siding or trim, and then new interior molding, all takes time and has implications for painting inside and trim and/or siding work outside.

Replacement Windows

Work time is much shorter when installing replacement windows for your Jersey Shore home, which more than compensates for the added cost of purchasing the replacement window. Replacement windows typically don't require disturbing exterior siding or interior walls and trim. The new window fits into the cavity or box of the existing window.

Typically our window installers can install multiple replacement windows at your Jersey Shore home in a day. The downside is while fitting the new replacement window inside the existing box or frame, this may cut down the view by reducing the glass size a half inch or so on both sides of the window.

Additionally, because the window unit is not attached to the framework or sheathing of the home, the replacement window may create openings where cold air may enter. Our installers are careful to fill insulation into all possible pockets or gaps where cold air might pass through.

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Door Services for Jersey Shore Homes

Exterior Doors

Replacing the front door of your Jersey Shore home with a new door has benefits, including curb appeal, energy efficiency, and improved security. Typically, we install new entry doors utilizing the existing opening and framework, but a new door can also be an opportunity to create a new entry, modifying shape and size.

There are different types of materials for entry doors for your Jersey Shore home. Steel doors, the least expensive, are prone to rust in our coastal market. Wood doors, which cost more, can warp if exposed to direct sun and weather elements. Fiberglass is considered best for durability options, but also generally costs more. The cost of your front door is also often determined by how much glass is involved; more glass usually means more money.

Fiberglass doors can and should be painted as a protective coating, but can also be gel-stained to look like a wood finish. Door options can be found on the Therma-Tru Doors website, and we can quote locally.

Interior Doors

Interior doors for your Jersey Shore home are a whole different product, and we can provide pricing and catalogs showing styles and features. Our interior doors usually come in a few different wood species, but also some are molded or manufactured with engineered materials. There are many options for many applications.

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Whatever your interest is for new doors or windows for your Jersey Shore home, please reach out to us for a free consultation. Call us at 732-996-3455, or email us, to find out about our Jersey Shore window and door services.