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Bathroom Remodeling

We provide bathroom remodeling services at the Jersey Shore, including bathroom tile, vanities, showers, toilets, lighting, flooring, and much more.

Bathroom Remodeling, Jersey Shore | Shore Bet Construction

Your bathroom should be a relaxing room where you can unwind at the end of your day. If your current bathroom doesn't bring you joy, the team at Shore Bet Construction, LLC can change that. We'd love to serve as the bathroom remodeling contractor for your Jersey Shore home.

Our team will help you design your dream bathroom, from the tile to the toilet. We'll also work with your budget so your relaxing bathroom doesn't cause you more stress. Let's work together on your bathroom project. Learn more about our bathroom remodeling services at the Jersey Shore today.

What are the Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling for your Jersey Shore Home?

There are many reasons why a bathroom remodel for your Jersey Shore home is a good idea, and Shore Bet will provide you with customized services to help you in the following ways.


Our Jersey Shore bathroom remodeling projects deliver improved functionality. Whether it be a new chair-height toilet or a custom shower glass door, an extra handheld shower component or adding storage space, our process will incorporate improvements into our designs.


There are many safety features available when you do a bathroom remodel in your Jersey Shore home, which are best implemented through a comprehensive remodel when the walls are open, such as grab bars, improved exhaust fans, and more. With open walls we can uncover any mold, leaks and other issues that may not be readily apparent before starting.


It is well known that the typical home buyer puts a lot of emphasis on comfort and the quality of kitchens and bathrooms. A new bathroom for your Jersey Shore home is a big selling point, but why wait to sell your house in order to spend money on the remodel? Upgrade your bathroom now and enjoy it now, then sell the house later!


Along with kitchens, bathroom remodels increase the value of your Jersey Shore home. We focus on improving your bathroom's design and aesthetics with the help of our entire network. We have showrooms for tile, plumbing accessories and cabinetry. We also incorporate feedback from our skilled tile installers, plumbers and glass installers to make your vision come true. You should get the bathroom you deserve, one that reflects your personality, and one in which you are comfortable spending time.

Cost Savings

Your Jersey Shore bathroom remodel can lower operating costs or utilities, as modern toilets use less water, and LED lighting uses less electricity. You can find numerous benefits to upgrading any old bathroom to help justify the cost. And a new bathroom project for your Jersey Shore home can also resolve immediate issues, no matter how large or small they may be. These issues don't disappear on their own and represent money you will spend anyway, so look at it as the equivalent to a downpayment.

Bathroom Remodeling, Jersey Shore | Shore Bet Construction

Our Jersey Shore Bathroom Remodeling Process

We have renovated over 900 bathrooms at the Jersey Shore, and no two are exactly alike, so we approach each bathroom as a custom project that we can personalize to your taste. To do so, we expect to be involved in the design and sourcing process of your bathroom remodeling project.

We prepare a generic budget for you in the beginning, and typically half of the budget is spent on items you select to be in your new bathroom, such as tile, vanity, toilet, lights, fans, shower doors, etc. We have local suppliers that often offer us discounts, which we share with the customer 50/50.

We start your Jersey Shore bathroom remodel process by reviewing the site and talking with you through your vision. We prepare your preliminary budget, and if you think you will be working with us we can start the bathroom design and sourcing process. Once you make your selections, we can convert your budget to a more fixed price offer, and at this time we can make our agreement more concrete.

We will need to review the list of items to be purchased and measure the space one final time to accurately order the right amount of tile and ensure that your vanity, toilet, etc. fit in the space as planned. We like to schedule your Jersey Shore bathroom remodel work only when all your purchased items are available or on-hand to reduce the length of time that construction will take, minimizing disruption to your life.

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